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In addition to general medical service, Central Health Professionalss also provides specialized medical assessments and treatments in various diciplines:
Allergy skin tests for multiple inhalant and food allergens
Allergy blood tests for inhalant and food allergens
Skin patch test for contact allergens
House dust mite assessment and control at home
Indoor air quality assessment and control
Rint and FOT (lung function for infants and pre-schoolers)
Spirometry (lung function for children and adults)
Airway challenge and bronchodilator tests
NiOX measurement (airway inflammation assessment)
X-ray and CT scan
Inhalation therapy
Flexible bronchoscopy (in hospital)
Sleep study (in hospital)
Sleep Apnea treatment (in hospital)
Tympanometry (middle ear function)
Digital macroview otoscope
Hearing screening
Nasal cytology
Office rhinolaryngoscopy (upper airway evaluation)
Laser treatment
Cryotherapy (warts)
Developmental and mental assessment
Electroencephalogram (in hospital)

Nerve conduction velocity,
Electromyogram and Neurophysiology (in hospital)

Blood pressure monitoring
Ultrasound and Radio imaging service
Enuresis assessment and treatment
Anal Fistulectomy
Appendectomy (open / laparoscopic)
Colonscopy (diagnostic / therapeutic)
ERCP (diagnostic / therapeutic)
Esophagoscopy / Gastroscopy (diagnostic / therapeutic)
Excision of haemangioma
Fundoplication (open / laparoscopic)
Herniotomy (open / laparoscopic)
Refashioning of prepuce (for buried penis)
Cystourethroscopy (diagnostic / therapeutic)
Dismembered pyeloplasty (open / laparoscopic)
Transuretheral resection of bladder / urethral lesions
Nephrectomy (open / laparoscopic)
Orchidopexy (open / laparoscopic)
Suprapubic catheter insertion
Urodynamic studies (natural fill / pressure flow studies)
Ureteric reimplantation (open / laparoscopic / Pneumovescicoscopic)
Urethroplasty (for hypospadias repair)
Correction of chordee
Growth and pubertal disorders
Thyroid diseases
Other endocrine disorders
Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder
Behavioral and emotional problems
Developmental delay
Learning problems
Heavy metal assessment
asthma testing
breath test
paeditric test
allergy test
asthma control test
skin test
chest test
asthma diagnosis
asthma treatment machine
snoring test
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