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小儿外科 (一般外科手术)

  • 肛瘘管切除
  • 盲肠切除
  • 割包皮
  • 结肠镜检查
  • 内视镜逆行性胆胰造影术
  • 食道镜检查 / 胃镜检查
  • 血管瘤切除
  • 胃底折叠术
  • 腹股沟疝 (小肠气)
  • 包皮重整 (阴茎陷入)

小儿外科 (泌尿外科手术)

  • 膀胱尿道镜检查
  • 断肾盂成形术
  • 经尿道膀胱切除
  • 肾切除
  • 睾丸切除
  • 睾丸固定
  • 耻骨上导管嵌插
  • 泌尿动力测试
  • 输尿管再植
  • 尿道成形术
  • 阴茎屈曲矫形

常见问题 Q&A

Q: My child is 8 and is still wetting his bed at night. Should I see a doctor?

A: Yes. Any child who is still wetting his/her bed after the age of 5 years should seek medical advice. It is best to treat early as research has shown that children with bedwetting may have an adverse reaction on their self-image, have more depressive symptoms, may have disturbed sleep and can affect their cognitive ability.

Dr. Jennifer DY Sihoe

Q: Will my child grow out of the problem without treatment?

A: Although some bedwetters do get better themselves as they get older, this tends to occur mainly in those with infrequent wetting of less than 1-2 nights per week. Research has shown that around 2.1% of adults have problems of persistent bedwetting from childhood if left untreated and those children with frequent wetting of 3 or more nights per week are more likely to have persistent problems of wetting into adulthood.

Dr. Jennifer DY Sihoe

Q: What does treatment involve?

A: This will depend on the severity or frequency of bedwetting at the time of consultation. The mainstay of treatment is medical treatment but may also involve behavioural therapy, urotherapy with biofeedback / electrical nerve stimulation, use of an enuretic alarm and occasionally minor surgical procedures. The period of treatment is case-dependent but at the end of treatment, the child is expected to be off all medication. For treatment details, it is best to discuss with your doctor.

Dr. Jennifer DY Sihoe


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